Coslab assists producers, distributors and importers in product documentation development and update. Our laboratory will propose and carry out specialised quality and safety tests of cosmetic products, medical products, household chemistry or dietary supplements.


  We prepare all product documentation, verify marketing claims and labels. We also create Safety Assessment Reports and register products in the CPNP database. Each product requires appropriate admittance tests, individually selected according to its type and composition.


  We carry out the required tests ranging from physicochemical tests (including stability tests and packaging and mass compatibility), microbiological tests (microbiological purity and maintenance tests), to dermatological tests and studies confirming marketing declarations (application and equipment.)


  In the case of specific products, we advise which supplementary tests should be carried out so that the product has complete documentation authorizing its sale within the EU.

  In the case of innovative products, we are able to design extended tests that we will also carry out in our laboratories.


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